Wedding Cakes

We have been designing and building stunning wedding cakes for years, and we do them with the exact same care you have come to expect from us.

Contact Us

Simply give us a call and speak with Victoria (our wonderfully talented Pastry Chef) or Lee (the boss). You will discuss wedding dates, location, wedding theme, and wedding cake flavors.

Call us at 302-655-7211 OR

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Wedding Cakes Tasting

You are invited to request a tasting at our Wilmington bakery where you will have the option to choose 3 different cake flavor combinations.   We will then make 3 small custom cakes for you to sample with Chef Victoria.  At this point you get to critique, and make any changes to flavors you see fit. The tasting is priced at $30.  Should you then utilize us for your wedding cake, the entire $30 for the tasting will be credited towards your final bill.

Wedding Cakes Design

Over the next few weeks and months,  you are invited to bring in or email any and all pictures that you feel will help us give you the exact custom look that you want for your wedding cake.  From that point on, you leave the rest to us.  We know you have a lot on your To-Do list.  Rest assured that we will have the wedding cake that you had in mind baked, assembled, decorated and delivered on time to your destination of choice.


Pricing — Pricing starts at $5 per person for wedding cakes.   This includes any combination of flavors (each tier can be a different flavored cake).  Highly detailed decoration, fondant, special ingredients, or fresh flowers could result in an additional charge.

Delivery  — Delivery starts at $75 and is adjusted according to distance to the event. For example, weddings located in Wilmington, Delaware would have the least delivery cost.

Deposit  — A deposit equal to 20% of the total bill will be due 2 weeks prior to delivery.

Final Payment  — Due no later than time of delivery.