Sugar Cookies

Everyone loves sugar cookies! They are a traditional holiday cookie with or without frosting. Please call if you have a special event request for our sugar cookies.

Price: $9.00


  1. Gail Beers

    Do you do a mail order of cookies?

  2. Ebonii

    Hello, my fiancé bought 6 delicious flavored cupcakes and I fell in love. He surprised me and I would love for you to make our wedding cake which is June 25th of this year. Also my nephew will be 1 years old this Sunday and I promised to get Mickey Mouse cookies with his name and some that are shaped in number one. I have pics can send you of the cookies and stuff for our wedding but first we will worry about this big 1.

  3. andrea hagelstein

    I was wondering if I could get a price estimate for 30 sugar cookies, frosted with royal icing (color variety of teal, pink, lime green, and orange). I purchased a copper baby elephant silouette cookie cutter and would provide that to you, No embelishments or other decor needed on the cookies, just plain icing. (I was planning on baking these myself for my daughter’s baby shower, but now panicking 🙂
    If I decide to order them, I could pick them up on Thursday afternoon 10/9. The shower is Sun 10/12, and I have all of the packaging that is needed to make them into favors; just need the cookies.
    Thanks! Andrea

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