Please note that we require a minimum of 3 day notice for your order. You are always welcome to choose from our selection at the bakery.

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View our printable Desserts Menu so your family can mark their favorites. (Updated 5/12/15)  If you don’t see your favorite treat on our desserts menu, please call.  We are happy to receive special orders.

We are proud to make perfect wedding cakes and unique custom cakes for your occasion.


  1. Mary Palijas

    My daughter was looking for an Italian Cream Cake made from childhood for my birthday. Could not find one in Wilmington. Called your bakery and was told to send the recipe and they would see if they could do it. After a few conversations, they said they could do it. OMG!!!! this cake was awesome!!
    The employees were so nice and helpful. This cake made an extra special touch to a 69 yr old woman’s birthday party. Thank you so much. We can’t stop talking about this cake to people.

  2. Virgen Ibarra

    Oh my God cream cheese raspberry cake simply delicious

  3. lupe

    Purchased my baby shower cake from them best decision ever everyone loved it. The cake came out exactly how I want. For sure going to do all future cake purchase from them!! 🙂

  4. Nelly

    Best dessert place in Delaware! Friendly, attentive, and very accommodated service. The cakes and cupcakes are exquisite , and each dessert is distinct in its flavor. I highly recommend it . Thank you for your excellent service. I truly belief your business to will be a great success.

  5. Sweet Somethings

    Hi Kay,
    Yes the girls said they do remember your son. Thank you for reaching out to us. We currently have 3 different gluten free desserts. Feel free to give us a call with any questions. We look forward to talking to you.


  6. Kay McMahon

    Wow, I just saw this on Attack Addiction’s post on FB. I work very closely to your shop; I wish I had known you were so close…definitely would love to give you some business. Do you do any Gluten free desserts? fyi…not sure if you remember my son, Mark McMahon? I’m an old C.A. parent. Wishing you much success. Kay

  7. I needed a baba Rum cake and the staff was very accommodating… It was a wonderful cake and it turned out to be a true success at the office party.. Everybody loved it.

  8. V. Nehlig

    Walk in, look around, meet the owner, try a sample, and you know you are in a special place. Exceptional offerings for any occasion. Highly recommended.

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